Wednesday, 9 July 2008



Thomas Function Myspace

Thomas Functions album 'Celebration' is cool and fun and witty and intelligent and sometimes angry. From listening to it he seems like he would be quite nice to hang out with. Mmmm bad review, but I'm hoping he reads this then we can hang out and take about checked shirts and stuff.


Apse Myspace

The APSE album, 'Spirit' is mainly recordings that have happened over the past couple of years. I've never seen the band but from pictures and what not they look like a heavily serious bunch of late twenty something beard types and from the music they create its clear that they take their music seriously. It hints of Slint and Sigur Ros but the drums on the album are what stand out for me, amazing production and pretty deep sounding. The vocals on the album are great when they come in, kind of The Wall era Pink Floyd, kids choir type stuff which sort of floats around then disappears.


Silver Summit Myspace

Silver Summits self titled album is a neo hippie folk thing which jangles and drones along beautifully in its own world. The album isn't really concerned with whats going on anywhere else in the world of music, but it is concerned with the state of the globe! If that put you off sorry, what did you expect the label is called 'Language of Stone'!

Other notable releases...

El Guincho - Alegranza


Fun loving party time Barcelona style!! Think Fela Kuti meets Bonde Do Role.
El Guincho Myspace

You can purchase all of the above from...

Rough Trade

Piccadilly Records

Norman Records

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