Monday, 14 July 2008


Endless Boogie are friggin ace and don't forget it, most people don't even deserve to be living in the same decade as this blokes. They play long mountain style blues jams with a hint of Canned Heat, Beefheart, Mountain and John Lee Hooker (the name is from a Hooker song). Not a lot is known about them, they are apparently 4 New Yorkers who are someway involved in the record industry, one of them deals in rare vinyl, hence the nod to classic and unearthed treasures on their debut album 'Focus Level'. The album is out this week on No Quarter. Do not sleep on this you stoner!

Endless Boogie on

No Quarter

Boomkat Records

Norman Records

Endless Boogie - Jammin' With Top Dollar (MP3)

Endless Boogie - The Manly Vibe (MP3)

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