Monday, 14 July 2008

Putting Hip-Hop progress back ten years: STYLES P


I was a fan of the LOX and think STYLES P was a great MC, but what the hell is up with this title? His song 'Kill That Faggot' depicts murder and quite clearly throws caution to the wind whilst describing his nemesis as a homosexual. I can't understand why his management or record label haven't reprimanded Styles P yet on his most ridiculous career move so far. My only answer is simply that he is deep under cover and has yet come to grips with his own sexuality whilst attempting to suppress his appetite male flesh. That and that fact that his label and management are also currently residing in the closet and don't wish to out themselves as yet.

A great Hip-Hop blog called has kindly uploaded the song, so I don't have to answer to his label when the lawsuits come in thick and fast, so here it is, if you have children or your mum is in the next room I suggest listening to this on headphones as it may whip up some household controversy.

P.S. The irony is Styles P can often be seen sporting a baby blue t-shirt and pin striped pale blue suit, now I'm no fashion guru but earth to Styles, I've seen more testosterone on a poodle!

P.P.S. I've just seen that his record label is KOCH Records surely this must be a joke?

Styles P - Kill That Faggot (MP3)

KOCH Entertainment

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