Sunday, 13 July 2008



He influenced Bob Marley, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby Mad Professor, Zion Train and erm...The Prodigy???

His name is Lee' Scratch' Perry and he's still upsetting people in his early seventies. Once known for smoking copious amounts of very strong skunk, setting fire to his hats, wearing crowns and looking like a jamaican ghostbuster on acid, he is now rightly known for being the creator of Dub music and also, check this, inventing the remix! yes indeed. And now its about time he got his respect and just in time too. 'The Upsetter' is a full length documentary by Swedish film maker Adam Bhala Lough, who directed the New York graffiti movie Bomb The System. Its out this summer and should be playing at Leeds Film Festival in November (if there's any justice) and on general release in or DVD early 2009.


Upsetter The Movie - Offical Site

Listen to up to 50 tracks of Lee's on

Lee 'Scratch' Perry Podcast (MP3)

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - The Upsetter (MP3)

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Devil Disco (MP3)

The Upsetters - Groovy Dub (MP3)

Augustus Pablo - Slave Masters Execution (MP3)

Lee 'Scratch' Perry Official Site

Watch the trailer

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