Monday, 7 July 2008

THE COOL KIDS: Hip-Hop can be fun again!


Once signed to the promising new label 'Fools Gold' headed up by A-Trak, Chicago's Cool Kids have released their debut 'Bake Sale' on Chocolate Industries to much acclaim from the middle of the road American press. Rather than doing the album, hitting the road, supporting N.E.R.D and whatever else fledgling Hip-Hop groups do when they are striving for attention, The Cool Kids are continuing down the viral road by releasing remixes and mixtapes. Not mixtapes like the Ron-G,or Funkmaster Flex tapes, but the ever increasing easy to download free as f*ck ones found below.

If the link doesn't work (as its Zshare and might have reached its capacity) you can get it from their Myspace.


The Cool Kids Myspace

The Cool Kids on Youtube

The Cool Kids 'Thats Stupid' Mixtape (MP3)

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