Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New Records Out: The Dodo's / Wild Beasts / Voice of the Seven Woods

Summers always quiet for record releases, kind of like Christmas but with more festivals, but here's 3 gems that you can get your teeth into.

Voice of the Seven Woods

First up is Voice of the Seven Woods, who on record could be from the middle east or a surviving member of some 60's Turkish band, but he's actually English and produces some of the most original tunes this side of A Hawk and A Hacksaw. Lots of bongo's, sitar and tabla, you get the jist.

Wild Beasts

Next is the Wild Beasts who should currently be wiping up the mess Fleet Foxes left in the wake of their debut a few weeks ago. The Devils Crayon is the first proper single released from their Domino debut Limbo, Panto. The video is posted below and the sing really just speaks for itself, there's nothing around like this at all and can't be pigeon holed by lazy journolists so just listen to it with open ears and enjoy what is to be the most important band the UK has seen in years.

The Dodo's

Lastly, the San Francisco duo, The Dodo's single 'Red and Purple' on Witchita. They've been receiving a bit of Radio One airplay and all the industry clique's at SXSW where bumming them before they'd even heard them, but their debut is suprisingly refreshing, this single is the obvious release but will set you up for the album quite nicely.

Wild Beasts - The Devils Crayon

You can purchase all of the above from...

Piccadilly Records

Norman Records

The Dodo's - Red and Purple MP3

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wild beasts just being played on zane lowe. . .