Thursday, 31 July 2008

CROOKERS: New EP on Diplo's Mad Decent label

By now you'll know Crookers I'm sure, they're two Italian homeboys who love house music and Hip Hop called Phra and Bot. Crookers have remixed everybody from Chromeo, The Whip, Bonde Do Role, Chemical Brothers, Armand Van Heldden and soon the freaky little vegan who thinks he used to sing in a hardcore band, Mody. Aside from dropping amazingly hot remixes they also churn out more songs than Centrica do price hiking. Diplo has been on their case for a while now and has seen fit to release their record 'E.P.Istola' this week on his label Mad Decent (home now to Blaqstarr and Buraka Som Systema). You can but them from the links below, plus there's a couple of old Crookers classics to download for free too (make sure you buy the EP though, they gots to get fed!)

Crookers - Big Money Comin' (MP3)

Crookers - Mad Kidz (MP3)

Crookers - Mad Decent Podcast (MP3)

Crookers Myspace

Buy the Digital EP from:


Turntable Lab

Saturday, 26 July 2008

FUCKED UP 'Year Of The Pig' gets re-released

Last years sleeper hit from Toronto hardcore band Fucked Up called 'Year of the Pig' was released on Vice records on 12" only to some pretty high praise, and also some backlash from the hardcore fraternity. It's quite a suprise that Matador (along with New York indie label Whats Your Rupture) would re-release this as a 7", do they think it will chart? Make your own mind up. Please stick with the track, its not the usual Fucked Up song it starts with the girl from the band singing half the song.

The b-side is different to the 12" its a cover of Anorak City by Another Sunny Day who were an indie band from London that Sarah Records released years and years ago, good choice.

Fucked Up - Year of the Pig (MP3)

Matador Records

Whats Your Rupture

Another Sunny Day on

Looking For Gold Blog

Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

Friday, 25 July 2008


More Wild Beasts news: a few months ago we went and spent an afternoon hanging out with Hayden, Tom, Benny and Chris (or Bert) at their farm-based rehearsal space; from that came this video for 'Treacle Tin', the B-Side to the amazing 'The Devil's Crayon':

We also did a video for the rather beautiful and spooky 'Sylvia, A Melodrama', the B-Side to their debut for Domino, 'Assembly':

Thursday, 24 July 2008

THE ACORN: Cover Cyndi Lauper Goonies theme???

I'm not sure why THE ACORN chose this song to cover, it has a great chorus, but thats pretty much it. Anyway its interesting so I've posted both the cover and the original and the original video too. Now I really want to watch The Goonies.....HEY YOU GUUUUYYYYSSSSS!

The Acorn - Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper Cover) (MP3)

Cyndi Lauper - Good Enough (MP3)

The Acorn Myspace

Below is a strange twelve minute pop video/odd dramatization of The Goonies by Cyndi Lauper and some bad acting friends of hers, its unusual but the 80's were all about that weren't they, either that or the director had far too much cocaine during the till the end where Andre the Giant batters an Arab and a Russian immigrant, then Rowdy Roddy Piper gets chased and Andre lifts up Cyndi Lauper, its completely f**king nuts actually.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sitting In An English Garden Waiting For The Sun

I Met The Walrus is an Oscar-nominated short film/animation by a dude called Josh Raskin based on a reel-to-reel recording of an interview with Lennon during the bed-in in 1969 by a (then) 14 year old kid named Jerry Levitan.

It's an interesting interview, demonstrating where Lennon's head was at (a similar tone was expressed in Lennon's response to John Hoyland's open letter to him, published in the Jan 10 1969 issue of Black Dwarf) at the time as well as showcasing some truly stunning animation.

Also worth mentioning when you consider that the hand-written lyrics to "Give Peace A Chance" have recently been sold for $833,654.

Goo goo g'joob.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Black Cab Sessions: Chapter Forty-Nine

Last month Wild Beasts went for a little jaunt around London in a good old-fashioned Hackney Carriage.

Luckily, some people kept an eye on them. This is what they got up to:


Finally! I knew I bought those shutter shades for a reason...

Teach Your Children Well...

1, 2, 3, 4... Feist.

Friday, 18 July 2008


Now that's what I'm talking about! Dead Meadow come to the UK for the first time since their latest album 'Old Growth' was released. For most people it's their most accessible album, for some droners it's their least trippy album, for most trippy fans its most moss covered album. Herein endeth the lesson....

Sept 12 Dorset End of the Road festival
Sept 13 Wolverhampton Civic Hall Bar
Sept 14 Manchester Roadhouse
Sept 15 Leeds The Brudenell Social Club w/ KONG + Red Stars Parade
Sept 16 Belfast Speakeasy
Sept 17 Dublin Whelans
Sept 18 Galway Roisin Dubh
Sept 20 London 229

Dead Meadow - What Needs Must Be (MP3)

Dead Meadow - I'm Gone (MP3)

Matador Records

Dead Meadow Official Site

Dead Meadow - What Needs Must Be

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Awesome Video Update

It would appear that Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' project continues to push the boundaries of creative territory with the new video for "House Of Cards", directed by James Frost for Zoo Films.

Basically, it was shot using a 3D infrared scanner instead of a traditional set-up; essentially a version of the hardware that assembly-line robots use to 'see' stuff. It's much better explained here:

It's awesome. Brilliant, in fact. However, before we get too carried away and give Thom and the boys yet another monster slap on the back, we should consider that it is, in fact, a sort of ABD.*

The idea was used a few years ago by the hugely inspiring and terrifyingly intelligent art collective UVA(UnitedVisualArtists) for French fashion types Colder's single "To The Music":

UVA are fucking amazing, using technology in awe-inspiring yet always subtle ways in their art; you should totally check them out. They also did the video for "Tonto" by top "math-rock" (whatever the fuck that means) nerds Battles, and a load of other really cool stuff.

*ABD - 'Already Been Done'

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Jaws Was Never My Scene... And I Don't Like Star Wars

Okay... It is apparently summer, and by rights we should be all outside making the most of the long daylight hours, warmer temperatures and that we shouldn't really have to wear coats. Bearing this in mind, the thought arises: what activity would take advantage of all these things, and would be good for me too?

Well, there are many, depending on your persuasion. However, I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of bikes around these days. There are a lot of good reasons for this; the ridiculous price of petrol, for one; the fact that we are, as a nation, getting fatter for another. This prevalance has got even me, whose last bike was a Raleigh Grifter, obsessing quietly about two-wheeled transport, in particular the so-hot-right-now world of fixies.

The fixed-gear bike has acquired a growing army of fans, and an increasingly interesting culture surrounding it. This is not so surprising when you realise that a growing number of ageing skateboarders are getting fixies, with names familiar to 30-something skaters such as John Cardiel and Julien Stranger advocating the joys of riding a bike.

As you would imagine, while a lot of fixed-gear stuff seems to come from the US, it has been taking off over here as scenesters and trendies up and down the land hop on the fixed and single gear bandwagon.
All scenes need a mag, and lo-and-behold if there isn't a brand spanking new magazine recently launched to cater for the growing UK fixed gear scene; the imaginatively titled Fixed.

They seem to have it pretty well sorted; if you can't find a paper copy, you can download the first issue as a PDF from their site and it looks pretty good; it's got a kind of Barbara Kruger/Supreme layout style and good photography; basically, all the things you look for in a decent mag.

To compliment this, have a look at skate photographer Gabe Morford's MASHSF project, a documentary on the fixed gear culture in San Francisco. Here's Gabe in action from the movie:

To commemorate the project, Gabe has teamed up with Vans Syndicate to produce a fixy-friendly range of classic shoes that come with a special Vans bike tool. I'm totally sold on the whole pack, particularly on the HalfCab, which is - as I am sure you are aware - one of the greatest shoes of all time. Period.

One last word on these bikes; it is important to know that these contraptions have NO BRAKES, and that they DO NOT FREEWHEEL... it appears that the only way to control these bikes is through a combination of non-stop pedalling, skidding and sheer dumb luck.

You never know, though... get good enough and maybe you could get involved in one of the many illegal races that maniac bike couriers get up to:

If, like me, you know fuck all about bikes, then these guys seem to be a good enough place to start, and a friend of mine works for 'em. He tells me that staff discount is a whopping 30%, so start buddying up to the guys in the shop ASAP.

Some links:

Bootleg Sessions blog

Fixed Gear Gallery

Bicycle Race

New DAVID VANDERVELDE album out September


David Vandervelde's new album 'Waiting for the Sunrise' will be released in the UK on 22nd September on Secretly Canadian. For those of you who know him from his first album 'The Moonstation House Band' expect to find more warm and perfectly stripped down acoustic summaries, and you won't be disappointed. For those who have yet to hear David, he has great 70's California summer like appeal to him similar to Jackson Brown or Stephen Stills but with a little added organ which reminds me sometimes of Money Marks early stuff on Mo Wax.

David should be touring the UK early next year, keep checking his Myspace for details.


Official Site

Secretly Canadian

David Vandervelde - I Feel Fine (MP3) {care of Secretly Canadian}

'Jacket' video from 'The Moonstation House Band'

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It's Official: Vinyl is Dead (again)

This was posted last week but the Vimeo player caused some problems with the blog...

Found it on good old YouTube.

I repeat: be afraid. Be very afraid.

Les Dennis Speaks Out

Okay, so we're a day or two late with this, but former 'Family Fortunes' host and the bloke that bared his arse in 'Extras', Les Dennis, appeared in The Observer Music Monthly's Record Doctor column on Sunday, and was prescribed, amongst other things,"The Devil's Crayon" by Wild Beasts.

Les's opinion?

"It reminded me of Alison Moyet. OK, I guess."

Don't worry, though. Apparently he likes The Last Shadow Puppets, as "Standing Next To Me" is "a great driving track".

Cheers, Les.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Putting Hip-Hop progress back ten years: STYLES P


I was a fan of the LOX and think STYLES P was a great MC, but what the hell is up with this title? His song 'Kill That Faggot' depicts murder and quite clearly throws caution to the wind whilst describing his nemesis as a homosexual. I can't understand why his management or record label haven't reprimanded Styles P yet on his most ridiculous career move so far. My only answer is simply that he is deep under cover and has yet come to grips with his own sexuality whilst attempting to suppress his appetite male flesh. That and that fact that his label and management are also currently residing in the closet and don't wish to out themselves as yet.

A great Hip-Hop blog called has kindly uploaded the song, so I don't have to answer to his label when the lawsuits come in thick and fast, so here it is, if you have children or your mum is in the next room I suggest listening to this on headphones as it may whip up some household controversy.

P.S. The irony is Styles P can often be seen sporting a baby blue t-shirt and pin striped pale blue suit, now I'm no fashion guru but earth to Styles, I've seen more testosterone on a poodle!

P.P.S. I've just seen that his record label is KOCH Records surely this must be a joke?

Styles P - Kill That Faggot (MP3)

KOCH Entertainment

CHET BAKER: Let's Get Lost out next week on DVD


This film was only at Cannes a few months ago, whats going on I must have missed it playing the Cinema's, oh hang no I didn't it wasn't on anywhere!! F**k it, it looks like the DVD has some awesome extras anyway so I'll watch it in the comfort of my own home rather than with a bunch of pretentious jazz nerds riffing on Chet's dubious moustache.


The DVD features a book of cool black and white pics, a short film, behind the scenes stuff and ton of other hip sh*t, ya dig?

Chet Baker - Almost Blue (MP3)


Endless Boogie are friggin ace and don't forget it, most people don't even deserve to be living in the same decade as this blokes. They play long mountain style blues jams with a hint of Canned Heat, Beefheart, Mountain and John Lee Hooker (the name is from a Hooker song). Not a lot is known about them, they are apparently 4 New Yorkers who are someway involved in the record industry, one of them deals in rare vinyl, hence the nod to classic and unearthed treasures on their debut album 'Focus Level'. The album is out this week on No Quarter. Do not sleep on this you stoner!

Endless Boogie on

No Quarter

Boomkat Records

Norman Records

Endless Boogie - Jammin' With Top Dollar (MP3)

Endless Boogie - The Manly Vibe (MP3)

Sunday, 13 July 2008

RHYMEFEST + MICHAEL JACKSON = Best Hip Hop Album in Years?

Oops, bad cover alert!


I couldn't believe this when I first heard it, I also can't believe its still online an Rhymefest isn't being sued to high hell. The album 'Man in the Mirror' is the Mark Ronson (don't let this put you off) produced new album by Rhymefest. Its a concept album based on the musical and tabloid history of Michael Jackson. It features Michael rapping with Rhymefest, discussing Zebras and sleeping with children!!! What the f**k? Its hilarious and awesome and makes you feel kind of warm towards Michael. Sorry I have to go and listen to this again its that good.....

Download the album for free here 'legally' before Michael's lawyers remove it 'Rhymefest Store'

Rhymefest Myspace

Rhymefest - Never Can Say Goodbye (MP3)

Rhymefest (ft Kanye West)- Brand New (old but still great)



He influenced Bob Marley, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby Mad Professor, Zion Train and erm...The Prodigy???

His name is Lee' Scratch' Perry and he's still upsetting people in his early seventies. Once known for smoking copious amounts of very strong skunk, setting fire to his hats, wearing crowns and looking like a jamaican ghostbuster on acid, he is now rightly known for being the creator of Dub music and also, check this, inventing the remix! yes indeed. And now its about time he got his respect and just in time too. 'The Upsetter' is a full length documentary by Swedish film maker Adam Bhala Lough, who directed the New York graffiti movie Bomb The System. Its out this summer and should be playing at Leeds Film Festival in November (if there's any justice) and on general release in or DVD early 2009.


Upsetter The Movie - Offical Site

Listen to up to 50 tracks of Lee's on

Lee 'Scratch' Perry Podcast (MP3)

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - The Upsetter (MP3)

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Devil Disco (MP3)

The Upsetters - Groovy Dub (MP3)

Augustus Pablo - Slave Masters Execution (MP3)

Lee 'Scratch' Perry Official Site

Watch the trailer

Friday, 11 July 2008

They're Here...

iPhone 3G lands today.

You know you want one. I certainly do.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Introducing: THE OWL SERVICE


Since Pentangle's appearance on Jools Holland and numerous festivals, it seems only right that I pay brief tribute to the excellent 'The Owl Service' who wack the folk stick daily. The female singer has a beautiful and haunting voice and the music is pretty Wickerman at times, but as I'm a huge fan of Circulus and Vashti Bunyan I'm definitely having a bit of this, perfect midnight music, forget the world its Owl Service time, roll on 1645...

The Album 'A Garland of Song' is out now on Southern buy from here Southern Records

Midwich Cuckoos Owl Service Page

The Owl Service Myspace

FLEET FOXES: White Winter Hymnal Video

I remember in the early eighties (doh!) there was a huge influx of claymation and stop motion short films and tv programs. Notably was one about the Pied Piper of Hamelin that I remember, which used to scare the shit out of me.

Then a few years ago there a young lady called Susie Templeton made a Peter and the Wolf claymation short that came out and won a load on awards, one of which was an Oscar. Its amazing its on at Christmas usually.

FLEET FOXES, being champions of revisiting music and imagery have enlisted Sean Pecknold (possibly Robin the singers brothers) to try his hand and the results are very pleasing.

Sean Pecknolds website is called By Grand Children, go and have a look...

Fleet Foxes Myspace

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

So who ISN'T playing WHARTSCAPE?


Should you wake up in Baltimore next week from the 17th July onwards and see wizards and shit walking down the street, don't worry its not the mushrooms it's the event of the Summer.......WHARTSCAPE.


I personally, am sick to death of seeing festival line ups featuring the likes of Vampire Weekend (ooh, treat!) or Simian Mobile Disco (did anyone actually buy the album?) or (God forbid) The Ting Tings (what a fame desperate pair of pricks), so seeing this name being touted around by the likes of Wham City, Dan Deacon and other too cool for school music nerds, I though, if its good enough for Wham City etc etc. Here's who's playing:

The Mae Shi, Death Set, Killer Whales, Oxes, Matmos, Parts & Labor, Black Dice, Future Islands, Dan Deacon, White Williams, Ninjasonik, Ponytail, Jana Hunter, Beach House, Celebration, Video Hippos and tons and tons more new and exciting stuff. Wow I feel depressed knowing the best thing this year will be 4,000 miles away, literally. Nasty Fest X is coming soon so I won't pine for too long.



Future Islands - Old Friend (MP3)

Parts & Labor - Gold We're Digging (MP3)

Jana Hunter - Paint A Babe (MP3)

Ponytail - Beg Waves (MP3)

Band of the Week: O'DEATH


City Slang have plucked an apple indeed yo! O'Death have that nasty bitter dirty ol' kill yourself see if I care thing going on. Mixing some out of tune Ukulele, Trombone, Fiddle and decent enough smart/homeboy lyrics about sacred resting places, picking bones and women who leave you after the money runs dry.


Not as upbeat as Cave Singers but if you like tunes that get stuck in your teeth and can only be washed down with gritty whiskey give these boys some love you'll have a hoot.

O'Death - Down to rest

O'Death Myspace

O'Death Official Site

O'Death on

File next to: Phosphorescent, Spider Bags, Akron Family, Deer Tick.



Thomas Function Myspace

Thomas Functions album 'Celebration' is cool and fun and witty and intelligent and sometimes angry. From listening to it he seems like he would be quite nice to hang out with. Mmmm bad review, but I'm hoping he reads this then we can hang out and take about checked shirts and stuff.


Apse Myspace

The APSE album, 'Spirit' is mainly recordings that have happened over the past couple of years. I've never seen the band but from pictures and what not they look like a heavily serious bunch of late twenty something beard types and from the music they create its clear that they take their music seriously. It hints of Slint and Sigur Ros but the drums on the album are what stand out for me, amazing production and pretty deep sounding. The vocals on the album are great when they come in, kind of The Wall era Pink Floyd, kids choir type stuff which sort of floats around then disappears.


Silver Summit Myspace

Silver Summits self titled album is a neo hippie folk thing which jangles and drones along beautifully in its own world. The album isn't really concerned with whats going on anywhere else in the world of music, but it is concerned with the state of the globe! If that put you off sorry, what did you expect the label is called 'Language of Stone'!

Other notable releases...

El Guincho - Alegranza


Fun loving party time Barcelona style!! Think Fela Kuti meets Bonde Do Role.
El Guincho Myspace

You can purchase all of the above from...

Rough Trade

Piccadilly Records

Norman Records

Other Music

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Summertime Blue(s)

This record was, for a long time, the holy grail for a certain type of record hunter; unavailable since the early nineties, deleted in 1979, blah blah blah. This changed a few years ago when MP3s appeared on various blogs allowing the tech-friendly but apathetic Beach Boys fan (like myself) to get hold of it, and recently, it has surfaced again. Properly.

'Pacific Ocean Blue' has been given the "legacy edition" treatment, which means you get a second disc of what would have been 'Bambu' (or 'Bamboo'... apparently the master tapes are labelled with both spellings) had
Dennis not fallen off his boat.

Now, this isn't exactly news, but it is a fucking great record; if there is even a tiny bit of your heart that soars when listening to glorious Californian-sun-drenched sounds (and that includes you, Fleet Foxes fans), then I urge you to go and get hold of it. Your life will be all the richer for it.

Ash has a copy on vinyl. The bastard.

Monday, 7 July 2008

THE COOL KIDS: Hip-Hop can be fun again!


Once signed to the promising new label 'Fools Gold' headed up by A-Trak, Chicago's Cool Kids have released their debut 'Bake Sale' on Chocolate Industries to much acclaim from the middle of the road American press. Rather than doing the album, hitting the road, supporting N.E.R.D and whatever else fledgling Hip-Hop groups do when they are striving for attention, The Cool Kids are continuing down the viral road by releasing remixes and mixtapes. Not mixtapes like the Ron-G,or Funkmaster Flex tapes, but the ever increasing easy to download free as f*ck ones found below.

If the link doesn't work (as its Zshare and might have reached its capacity) you can get it from their Myspace.


The Cool Kids Myspace

The Cool Kids on Youtube

The Cool Kids 'Thats Stupid' Mixtape (MP3)

Sunday, 6 July 2008



The spirit of the seventies is alive and well in America at the moment, nods a plenty to the likes of Randy Newman, Todd Rundgren, Jackson Brown and Elton John from this inspiring act from North Carolina. Spin cioned a term 'Punk tinged bluegrass' which is slightly misleading, even though they have significant banjo parts its all about the stories and heart felt delivery here and it all sounds pretty honest. Not as retro as The Felice Brothers but its certainly inspired by the greats. No plans for a european tour as yet, they seem to be doing well in the states at the moment but I imagine an appearance on Jools Holland within the next 12 months will be happening.


However, not unlike The Felice Brothers, The Avett Brothers also have a large back catalogue of home recded CDs, live recordings and album available, all from their Webstore.


Avett Brothers Myspace

Official site

The Avett Brothers - If Its The Beaches (MP3)

The Avett Brothers - Paranoia in Bb Major

Saturday, 5 July 2008

I Can't Believe What's On The TV Screen...

More kick-ass rock n'roll mayhem courtesy of Black Lips from their show at The Brudenell Social Club back in May.

Quicktime here.

Friday, 4 July 2008

New NAS album "Untitled" out 15th July 2008


The much discussed and highly contreversial new album from NAS will be released on 15th July 2008. The album is currently untitled as the working title was originally going to be "N*gger", however you can imagine what the reaction was from his predominantly white owned record label. In the current climate the label couldn't see the album being able to be advertised in the likes of Times Square had it been called the original title. Surfice to say there's so shit going down right now.

Nas - Myspace

Nas - Official site

Nas - The Wold is Yours (classic!)

Nas - Nas is like

Nas - Represent (MP3)

Thursday, 3 July 2008

HARVEY MILK are here to hurt you........and your ears.


After one listen to these guys you can instantly tell they don't fuck around, that's probably why the roll with Oxbow, they live fast, play slow and down a whole lot of booze. The guys are doing a couple of European festivals in July, including Supersonic Myspace in Birmingham with the likes of Earth, Parts & Labor, Battles, Oxbow, Efterklang, Wooden Shjips and a ton of other gnarly shit.


I would advise you to see these guys asap as they're looking a bit worse for wear at the moment.

12th July - Supersonic, Birmingham
13th July - Stereo, Glasgow
14th July - Ruby Lounge, Manchester
15th July - Underworld, London
16th July - La Maroquinerie, Paris
17th July - FZW, Dortmund
18th July - Dour Festival, Dour

Harvey Milk Myspace

Supersonic Myspace

Harvey Milk - Lay My Head Down (MP3)

Junk Collector: Tommy Guerrero

The more astute among you will be able to tell that the above image comes from the cover of the seminal The Search For Animal Chin, a skate video that we here at The Iron Wagon have a particularly soft spot for.

Anyway, second from left is one Mr. Tommy Guerrero, SF legend and personal hero of mine. Tommy has been making a sort of funk-jazz-post rock hybrid since the mid-nineties, featuring initially on various Real videos and later releases on arty San Franciscan label Galaxia, as well as releases in this country on the departed Mo' Wax and a Late Night Tales compilation. A side project of his, Jet Black Crayon featuring Monte Vallier of Swell (who spent some time signed to Beggars Banquet) and a DJ going by the name of Gadget, have just released a new album, "In The Interim" with an accompanying DVD with videos for each of the tracks. Several videos have been made by eminent skate filmmakers, including Greg Hunt (who made, amongst others, The DC Video) and Dan Wolfe, whose most recent project appears to have been Nike SB's Nothing But The Truth.

Here's the video for "Lost In The Fog" by Mr Wolfe:

and an interview with the band.

God... I wish I was in San Francisco.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Hero Design Studio: Awesome Art Alert!!

You want sweet graphics and rad bands merged together to form a superhuman combination of greatness? You got it.

Hero Design Studio are a splendid company who have been screen printing and designing since 2001. They are based in Buffalo, New York, but you can commission them through their website. Holler at em!!


Of Montreal - Requiem for OMM 2 (Daytrotter Session) (MP3)


The National - Wasp Nest (MP3)


Grizzly Gear - Graceland [Paul Simon Cover] (MP3)


Andrew Bird - Oh Sister [Bob Dylan Cover] (MP3)

Hero Design Studio Site

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

MODEY LEMON: Tour dates


Horribly overlooked Pittsburgh three piece Modey Lemon are back in the UK after something like 3 years. They're touring their new album 'Season of Sweets' which holds the title of quite possibly the worst designed sleeve and CD package ever, but rocks harder than Chuck Norris on snakebite at a Scorpion show so it balances out.

05th Sept - Barfly, London
07th Sept - The Sugarmill Stoke-on-Trent
08th Sept - The Ruby Lounge, Manchester
10th Sept - The Library, Leeds (w/Pulled Apart By Horses + These Monsters)
11th Sept - The Bodega Social Club, Nottingham
12th Sept - The Croft, Bristol
15th Sept - Portland Arms, Cambridge

Modey Lemon - Milk Moustache (MP3)

Modey Lemon Myspace

FUGAZI: Keep Your Eyes Open


Glen. E Friedman is the master of hardcore and skate photography, his career spans back to the 80's when he worked alongside Black Flag, Bad Brains, The Germs, Minor Threat, Danzing and the Misfits and tons of others. His earlier books Fuck You Heroes, Fuck You Too and The Idealist are modern classics and have been reprinted over and over again. Friedmans close relationship with Mackaye has obviously led to capturing some key moments in musical history and this book has some pretty revealing moments.



Buy the book from

Glen E Friedman Burning Flags Press

'The Empty Page' Fiction inspired by SONIC YOUTH


'The Empty Page: Fiction Inspired by Sonic Youth', is a short story collection by a wide range of authors taking their cues from Sonic Youth song titles, its out now and is published by Serpent's Tail in the UK and there's a US release later in the year on Harper Collins. The book was edited by Peter Wild, with an introduction by Lee Ranaldo.

Lee Ranaldo - The End Of Life In America (MP3)

Why? rescheduled date this Thursday, Leeds


Oakland Anticon outfit Why? postponed their Leeds show at The Faversham last month as Yoni had mumps, but the date has been changed to Thursday 3rd July as most people have gathered from their Myspace. Support will be from Anticon label mate SJ Esau.


Anticon Records

SJ Esau Myspace

New Records Out: The Dodo's / Wild Beasts / Voice of the Seven Woods

Summers always quiet for record releases, kind of like Christmas but with more festivals, but here's 3 gems that you can get your teeth into.

Voice of the Seven Woods

First up is Voice of the Seven Woods, who on record could be from the middle east or a surviving member of some 60's Turkish band, but he's actually English and produces some of the most original tunes this side of A Hawk and A Hacksaw. Lots of bongo's, sitar and tabla, you get the jist.

Wild Beasts

Next is the Wild Beasts who should currently be wiping up the mess Fleet Foxes left in the wake of their debut a few weeks ago. The Devils Crayon is the first proper single released from their Domino debut Limbo, Panto. The video is posted below and the sing really just speaks for itself, there's nothing around like this at all and can't be pigeon holed by lazy journolists so just listen to it with open ears and enjoy what is to be the most important band the UK has seen in years.

The Dodo's

Lastly, the San Francisco duo, The Dodo's single 'Red and Purple' on Witchita. They've been receiving a bit of Radio One airplay and all the industry clique's at SXSW where bumming them before they'd even heard them, but their debut is suprisingly refreshing, this single is the obvious release but will set you up for the album quite nicely.

Wild Beasts - The Devils Crayon

You can purchase all of the above from...

Piccadilly Records

Norman Records

The Dodo's - Red and Purple MP3