Sunday, 6 July 2008



The spirit of the seventies is alive and well in America at the moment, nods a plenty to the likes of Randy Newman, Todd Rundgren, Jackson Brown and Elton John from this inspiring act from North Carolina. Spin cioned a term 'Punk tinged bluegrass' which is slightly misleading, even though they have significant banjo parts its all about the stories and heart felt delivery here and it all sounds pretty honest. Not as retro as The Felice Brothers but its certainly inspired by the greats. No plans for a european tour as yet, they seem to be doing well in the states at the moment but I imagine an appearance on Jools Holland within the next 12 months will be happening.


However, not unlike The Felice Brothers, The Avett Brothers also have a large back catalogue of home recded CDs, live recordings and album available, all from their Webstore.


Avett Brothers Myspace

Official site

The Avett Brothers - If Its The Beaches (MP3)

The Avett Brothers - Paranoia in Bb Major

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