Sunday, 13 July 2008

RHYMEFEST + MICHAEL JACKSON = Best Hip Hop Album in Years?

Oops, bad cover alert!


I couldn't believe this when I first heard it, I also can't believe its still online an Rhymefest isn't being sued to high hell. The album 'Man in the Mirror' is the Mark Ronson (don't let this put you off) produced new album by Rhymefest. Its a concept album based on the musical and tabloid history of Michael Jackson. It features Michael rapping with Rhymefest, discussing Zebras and sleeping with children!!! What the f**k? Its hilarious and awesome and makes you feel kind of warm towards Michael. Sorry I have to go and listen to this again its that good.....

Download the album for free here 'legally' before Michael's lawyers remove it 'Rhymefest Store'

Rhymefest Myspace

Rhymefest - Never Can Say Goodbye (MP3)

Rhymefest (ft Kanye West)- Brand New (old but still great)

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