Sunday, 31 August 2008

Awesome Culture Update

You've got to love a good magazine.

And a particularly fine lifestyle magazine (and FREE!) out there is the excellent +1 magazine.

Now up to its sixth issue, initial fears that it may have been an inferior version of the cultural colossus that is Vice have been replaced by admiration and anticipation for each issue. Actually, I should have known better than to have doubts, as the people behind +1 are the same dudes that publish the rather good Document.

Last month's cover was provided by committed death metal enthusiast and reasonably-hot-right-now illustrator Richard Sayer aka French, and this month's issue (available to download from the +1 site, or from what is known as 'participating retailers') features an interview with grumpy Manc Rick Tomlinson (not Jim Royle), who is probably better known as guitar wizard Voice Of The Seven Woods, and a double page spread of uber-jazzy snacks. You should check it out for yourself; it's free, so why not?

I think part of the reason for my enthusiasm for +1 is that it reminds me of the short-lived Phat Magazine, the genius early nineties lifestyle mag that lasted all of three issues due to offending the WHSmith-visiting moral majority with contentious covers such as the Glock-brandishing 'Teenage Gangsta'. If I could be arsed to rummage through my magazine collection, I would take a photo of the three issues. Ah well... maybe another time.

Despite billing itself as "for young gentlemen of the hoodlum persuasion", Phat was actually a rather intelligent and culturally literate publication aimed at the then much smaller skateboard demographic. Nowhere near as offensive as the brilliant (but utterly scatalogical) Big Brother, Phat would frequently feature contributions from the late Gavin Hills, who is, in my modest opinion, the closest that we have had to a 'voice of a generation' in contemporary magazine culture. A collection of his best writing, entitled "Bliss To Be Alive' has been kicking around for a while now.

Worth checking out for sure.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Two of my favourite artists at the moment Wes Pentz aka super producer DIPLO and avant garde wierd jazz rock collective DARK MEAT have combined forces like China and Russia to create a mega music explosion to melt your faces. Here's a seven minute video with ataste of their tour. Its directed by Jason Miller and its rad.

Diplo + Dark Meat | 40 Watt & Whirlyball from jason miller on Vimeo.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Woebegone Wanderers

Well, you may have gathered that we went to the Leeds Festival yesterday; we did so in the always good company of the fine young men known as Wild Beasts and watched them play a storming lunchtime set to a sizeable crowd on the Festival Republic stage - epic tunes, excellent musicianship and debonair sense of style all on full display. Needless to say, in these fast-moving digital times, this review appeared online about 20 minutes after the boys came offstage...

They are playing Reading tomorrow, but don't fret if you haven't got a ticket; there are further opportunities to see them supporting Foals at the end of next month, so get on it.

To give you a flavour of the chaps' live show, here's some ghetto bootleg cam footage of their next single, the already-classic 'Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants' from last weekend's Green Man Festival. Enjoy...

Introducing: ESAU MWAMWAYA the warm heart of Africa

Malawi born Eau Mwamaya moved to the UK around ten years ago and runs runs a second hand furniture store in Clapton, East London. However, I'd be surprised if his fame and fortune lies in selling chesterfields to pub landlords as Esau is one talented guy. You can catch him at teh Radioclit soundsytem this weekend at Notting Hill Carnival should you wish, I highly recommend that you do. If you're in any doubt please check the below video he'll blow your mind, a serious talent indeed.

Esau Mwamwaya Myspace

Esau Mwamwaya - Get it Up (MP3)

Esau Mwamwaya - Kamphopo (MP3)

Esau Mwamwaya - Tengazako (MP3)

METALLICA @ Leeds Fest

The above photo was taken yesterday at Leeds Festival by a dear friend of mine Danny North, who is probably one of the most sought after live photographers around at the moment. He only started taking pictures a few years ago but he's already published a book of his work and had numerous pictures published in Spin and NME, he's even had his pictures on the NME front cover which is quite an accomplishment.

Check out some of his work...

Danny North's Myspace

Flickr Page

Official Site

Metallica - The Call of Ktulu - No Brain (MP3)

Metallica - Fade To Black (MP3)

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Oh snap! MADVILLAIN Boxset

Aw man this looks so nice, everything I love that's shallow in my life, like t-shirts, comics, white boy hip-hop, pointless boxes and stickers are all represented here. I swore not to look too much into this but I'm literally bumming the computer screen and salivating over this sweet thing that's entered my life.

Madvillain Stones Throw Page

Buy here!

Madvillain - No Brain (MP3) Kindly hosted by the awesome

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Chuck & Flav Have A Posse

You may have noticed that we have recently been all about hip-hop; to continue this theme we would like to bring your attention to the recent collaboration between the mighty Public Enemy and Shepard Fairey - a limited edition print (which has already sold out) of Shep's version of some classic Glen E. Friedman shots, and a range of PE-inspired clothing for the uber-hip Obey label he does.

Shepard Fairey has enjoyed some seriously high profile publicity this year, largely down to his propaganda for Barack Obama, but you can't argue with the quality of his work; obviously, the Andre The Giant Has A Posse sticker campaign is a stroke of genius, and those wanting a comprehensive breakdown of his work and influences should check out his book, 'Supply & Demand'. For ADHD sufferers, or those that don't like reading (you shouldn't worry; the book is mostly pictures), you could always check out the 'Lolla Lives' series on YouTube and witness Perry Farrell talking utter bollocks about Banksy, amongst other things.

This isn't the first time that PE have been 'honoured' by the world of fashionable streetwear; a year or so ago, the so-hip-it-hurts Supreme did a PE-themed collaboration with Vans, which are now as rare as the proverbial rocking-horse shit.

Actually, Supreme have recently released another project celebrating the equally mighty Bad Brains, which will no doubt be going for a small fortune over on eBay.

I was going to post a Public Enemy video here, but instead as an extra treat I shall present for your viewing pleasure the one and only Eric Koston skating to 'Night Of The Living Bassheads' and 'Harder Than You Think' in the unbelievable 'Fully Flared':

On a final note, you may be interested to know that Shepard Fairey has also provided the artwork for 'Idolize Yourself', the recently released greatest hits package of the singular Sir Billiam of Idol:

Wow. Public Enemy and Billy Idol in the same blog post. Where else would you find that?

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

DIPLO / ABE VIGODA / TELEPATHE /8-BIT: Tour tickets on sale for U.S.

Truly a beautiful tour if ever there was one. Diplo has announced today the forthcoming Mad Decent Tour featuring: Diplo,Boy 8-Bit, Abe Vigoda,
Telepathe and more guests to be confirmed. Wonder if Blaqstarr or Crookers might turn, looking at the pic I would say Blaqstarr is likely, Crookers not so much.

Here's the list of dates:

Oct 16th - Webster Hall, New York
Oct 17th - The Middle East, Cambrdge, MA
Oct 20th - Babylon, Ottawa
Oct 21st - Circa, Toronto
Oct 22nd - The Magic Stick, Detroit
Oct 23rd - The Abbey Pub, Chicago
Oct 24th - First Avenue, Minneapolis
Oct 25th - Granada Theatre, Lawrence, KS
Oct 27th - Cervantes, Denver
Oct 28th - Kilby Court, Salt Lake City
Oct 30th - Richards, Vancouver
Oct 31st - Nectar Lounge, Seattle
Nov 1st - Hawthorne Theatre, Portland
Nov 4th + 5th - Echoplex, LA
Nov 5th - Brickhouse Theatre, Phoenix
Nov 7th - Emo's, Austin, TX
Nov 8th - Palladium, Dallas
Nov 10th - Masquerade, Atlanta
Nov 11th - Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC
Nov 12th - Black Cat, Washington
Nov 13th - Sonar, Baltimore
Nov 15th - Starlight Ballroom, Philly

Abe Vigoda - Hyacynth (MP3)

Abe Vigoda - Animal Ghosts (MP3)

Telepathe - The March (MP3)

Boy 8-Bit - Suspense Is Killing Me (MP3)

Mad Decent

Buy Tickets Here

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Introducing Rapper / Producer: VYLE

Rapper and producer Vyle. falls somewhere between Chicago's hip-hop and electronic-music scenes, pulling from both places to craft his amalgamations of Miami bass, crunk, ghetto-house, and pop. Or, if you prefer the artist's own opinion of his work, it's 'sort of like an American stuck in a coin-operated Pachinko Hall in Tokyo.' vyle.'s recent mixtape series, 'Oh I Think Dey Like Hoodtronics' as well as a collaboration with Eliot Lipp (Hefty) as the two-man operation Neonstriderbitrate, keep him plenty busy and ensure he'll be one to watch in 2008 and beyond.

Vyle - Drop Down (So Chi 95' Mix) MP3

Vyle Myspace

Monday, 4 August 2008

The Block Party

Well, it's the height of the British Summer and, as usual, we're wishing we were somewhere else. Having come across the trailer for Made In Queens recently, I am secretly longing to escape to a world of neighbourhood stoops, boomboxes, block partys, games of dice and so on. However, as I am inescapably white, English, middle-class AND old, these dreams are unrealistic and I should probably try and get into cricket or something like that.

Anyway, "Made in Queens" looks like it will be really good. Made by MTV2 Films, the people that brought you the cultural powerhouse that is 'Cribs' amongst other things (and I am going to hold them responsible for Zane Lowe, petty and inaccurate as it may be), it's a documentary about a group of Trinidadian teenagers in Queens, Noo Yawk who have this unexplainable compulsion to 'pimp' their BMXs with absolutely ludicrous sound systems. Illogical as it may be, they seem to be able to ride these machines and they look freakin' amazing. But at some point, you have to ask 'why?'. Mind you, when they look this good, who really cares?

This would be the perfect time to look at this BMX-related video from The Cool Kids, 'Black Mags'.

In case you didn't know it, they are apparently bringing '88 back. However, I am of the opinion that the early nineties produced a whole load of great hip-hop (golden era, anyone?) and I am evidently not alone. You may have heard of The Wackness, a new movie coming out soonish set in New York in '94, about a young hip-hop fan peddling weed around town in an ice-cream cart with his shrink (played by none other than Gandhi himself, Sir Ben Kingsley).

Now this movie looks ace, and presumably will have those of us that sagged our jeans in the nineties queueing out of the door. I'm sure the soundtrack could be slightly better though...

Right. Now that we are all done with that, I am going to include a link to 'The Block Party' by the late Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, because a) it's fantastic, and b) the video is kind of like Sesame Street on acid.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Feed Your Head

TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment & Design" as is an annual conference held in Long Beach, Californ-eye-ay where boffins and heads from all areas of the aforementioned disciplines gather together to share their knowledge, insight or whatever with their peers, and more recently, the rest of the world.

The 18-minute lecture slots are now available to view online or as podcasts (have a look at the iTunes store) and are pretty damn interesting and frequently enlightening. Topics range widely from technology, architecture, storytelling, statistics, art, psychology... all over the shop, basically. If this doesn't quite sound like your bag, then the conferences also feature musical and comedic contributions, but they have a tendency to meander towards the middle of the road, if you catch my drift.

Basically, this is the sort of shit that the internet exists for; the dissemnination of information, and the free exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Or just a pretty interesting way of wasting time, depending on your point of view.