Thursday, 7 August 2008

Chuck & Flav Have A Posse

You may have noticed that we have recently been all about hip-hop; to continue this theme we would like to bring your attention to the recent collaboration between the mighty Public Enemy and Shepard Fairey - a limited edition print (which has already sold out) of Shep's version of some classic Glen E. Friedman shots, and a range of PE-inspired clothing for the uber-hip Obey label he does.

Shepard Fairey has enjoyed some seriously high profile publicity this year, largely down to his propaganda for Barack Obama, but you can't argue with the quality of his work; obviously, the Andre The Giant Has A Posse sticker campaign is a stroke of genius, and those wanting a comprehensive breakdown of his work and influences should check out his book, 'Supply & Demand'. For ADHD sufferers, or those that don't like reading (you shouldn't worry; the book is mostly pictures), you could always check out the 'Lolla Lives' series on YouTube and witness Perry Farrell talking utter bollocks about Banksy, amongst other things.

This isn't the first time that PE have been 'honoured' by the world of fashionable streetwear; a year or so ago, the so-hip-it-hurts Supreme did a PE-themed collaboration with Vans, which are now as rare as the proverbial rocking-horse shit.

Actually, Supreme have recently released another project celebrating the equally mighty Bad Brains, which will no doubt be going for a small fortune over on eBay.

I was going to post a Public Enemy video here, but instead as an extra treat I shall present for your viewing pleasure the one and only Eric Koston skating to 'Night Of The Living Bassheads' and 'Harder Than You Think' in the unbelievable 'Fully Flared':

On a final note, you may be interested to know that Shepard Fairey has also provided the artwork for 'Idolize Yourself', the recently released greatest hits package of the singular Sir Billiam of Idol:

Wow. Public Enemy and Billy Idol in the same blog post. Where else would you find that?

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