Thursday, 5 November 2009

FOUR TET new album and tour

The new FOUR TET album 'There Is Love In You' will be released on Domino Records in January 2010 and to mark the occasion Kieran Hebden will be performing a very limited number of live performances around the country in March 2010, starting at the London dome with super hyped up Joy Orbison and finishing up in Bristol.

Each live show will be a unique performance which will include Keiran playing within a wall of p.a. stacks facing each other for full surround sound.

The second track on the new album is Love Cry which is now available on 12" which includes Joy Orbison and Roska remixes.

Listen Here

There will be special live guests at each of the gigs so keep your eyes and ears peeled for announcements later in 2009.

Artist - Fourtet

Label - Domino

Watch all of Four Tet's videos here

Friday 12th February: London – Dome (with Joy Orbison as support)

Thursday 11th March: Manchester - Club Academy

Friday 12th March: Leeds - TJs Woodhouse Club

Saturday 13th March: Edinburgh - Bongo Club

Thursday 17th March: Brighton - Concorde 2

Friday 19th March: Birmingham - Custard Factory

Saturday 20th March: Bristol Fiddlers

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Phenomenal Handclap Band hit Leeds this weekend!!

The Phenomenal Handclap Band are an 8 piece from Brooklyn, New York. If you've never heard them before its quite a treat the first time you hear them, sot of like when you first heard ESG and you thought, 'Wow, everything I love about Hip Hop and breaks and with some attitude and soul too' or maybe like when you first found yourself half way through Talking Heads 'Fear of Music' and you say to your friend 'This is ace, is it the new LCD Soundsystem or Rapture' and they turn round and tell you to shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing them and grow up.

Watch their homemade video Here

Read their Blog Here

The gig is at Nation of Shopkeepers on Saturday 19th September at 8pm. Entry is £2.00

Sunday, 23 August 2009

MONOTONIX pictures from Fridays gig

Thanks to everyone who came to Iron Wagon's Monotonix gig at Nation of Shopkeepers, I imagine their shows may not be that great when nobody attends. Below are some pictures kindly taken by Brendan Docherty. It was chaotic to say the least.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


I discovered Delicious Design League at Flatstock at SXSW earlier this year. They blew me away with the amount of work they've created of the past couple of years and the standard of print and design they produce is of a very high standard. I recommend buying at least one piece of theirs via their website as it'll brighten up any house. I sound like an advert, shit what a moron. But I'm being totally sincere I honestly live their work. Bring me sunshine!!

Here's some more of their work...

They also have a Blog.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Bad For Lazarus @ Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds

The last time I viewed/reviewed Bad For Lazarus, the jigsaw was fucked. Visually, the pieces were there, even if some of the bits kept sticking, like they were being forced into the wrong neighbour. Sonically, it was as though some pikey little so-and-so had got the jigsaw first and nicked all the edge bits that are supposed to frame the jigsaw.
Extended analogies aside: they looked impressive. They sounded weak.

No such nonsense this evening. For a start, they were buoyed up by two cortex-blistering bands. Just when you think you have seen Pifco play more times than you’ve actually seen your own hands, they come up trumps. Now with added Moz on keys, Pifco sound meatier than ever. Or Quorn-ier, whatever floats your boat. Oh, and Mary’s simultaneous drum ‘n’ keys playing gets cooler by the week, enticing jealous eyes from under all the boys’ fringes.

Add to that, a burst of murder from Blacklisters and Bad For Lazarus would have had to have pulled something seriously stinking out of the hat to bring down the mood of these Monday night free-gig shenanigans. Blacklisters, for the record, seem to be growing more and more monstrous by the gig. Only catching them every few months is kind of like realising your little baby nephew grew horns and developed three times your IQ score since the last time you saw him.

Bad For Lazarus seemed notably shifty when they took the stage – possibly unnerved by the preceding performers, almost definitely shaken by the fairly minor technical difficulties that they encountered (presumably more minor for a member of the audience, as we don’t have to prattle about trying to fix whatever’s fucked up). Looking like a rag-bag of post-punk subcultures and – this time – sounding suitably similar and suitably voluminous, Bad For Lazarus thrashed about en masse, somehow perfecting the pose : play ratio. The gunked up trash that had previously oozed wantonly from their amplifiers had crystallised into a different breed of trash: this time worthy of comparison to The Cramps or The Scientists. All we have to do now is pretend we didn’t witness the mildly cringe-inducing kit-trashing session at the end of the set [one of the band attempted to kick a drum over, missed the drum in question by a decent country mile, fell on his arse… Spinal Tap outtake, anyone?]…

Singer Rich Fownes’ previous band, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have wandered from the cradle and pretty much fallen off of my radar. I may as well start honing in on these guys.

Hayley Avron

Thursday, 23 July 2009

DANANANANAYKROYD re-release 'Some Dresses'

A couple of years ago a small Leeds label called Jealous released a 7" by a little known Glaswegian band who were once called 'Multiplies', Vice, NME and Drowned in Sound loved it, the rest is history. So the label they're currently on, 'Best Before' have decided to unearth this prehistoric fight pop gem and release it onto the world on 24th August 2009. I for one, am fully backing that decision and wish them all the luck in the world.

Below is a picture of the back of the Jealous 7"

The release coincides with Dananananaykroyds forthcoming tour. They also have a new video for the song too. You can watch it HERE.

21 Oct - Cluny, Newcastle
22 Oct - Bodega Social, Nottingham
23 Oct - Arts Centre, Norwich
24 Oct - Swn Festival, Cardiff
25 Oct - Academy 2, Oxford
27 Oct - Scala, London
28 Oct - Audio, Brighton
29 Oct - Academy 3, Manchester, Northwest
30 Oct - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
01 Nov - Oran Mor, Glasgow,

Tickets for the Leeds show can be bought HERE

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Its the shrooms maaaann......introducing ASTRA

San Diego 5 piece Astra (who I'm pretty sure aren't named after the car) make splendid droney trippy psyche tunes that nod back to the days of Gong, Pink Floyd and most recently Dungen and Earth. Their album 'The Weirding' is released on flared stoner label Rise Above who also release Leeds bearded degenerates Gentlemen's Pistols and one of my favourites Withcraft. The album is out now, so go zone out man!

Their video for 'The Rising of the Black Sun' is an animated short directed by an obsessive fan features Eagles, masked winged men on horseback, mountains being struck by lightning, psychedelic 1920's fighter jets bombing demons and also, how could I forget....the four horsemen of the apocolypse. ESSENTIAL VIEWING!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

MONOTONIX First full length album and free Leeds show!

It seems weird because it feels like they've been around ages, I mean Levi the singer obviously has been around physically for ages, although he cuts a mean figure and doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. MONOTONIX first full length is due out this September on Drag City. I'll be interested to see who rates it and who hates it. I myself really love the band but I've seen them live a number of times and I'm basing my affection on the strength of their mental performances. When it comes to their recordings, I feel they lack something, maybe if their records came with a stench of sweat and fire it may conjure up a live feeling, perhaps.

They hit Europe very soon and here are the dates. The Iron Wagon is promoting the Leeds show at A Nation of Shopkeepers on Friday 21st August which is also a free gig, splendid.

22 Jul - Parklife Festival, Milan
23 Jul - The Menagerie, Belfast
24 Jul - Crawdaddy, Dublin
25 Jul - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
07 Aug - Off Festival, Myslowice
09 Aug - Festival Les Nuits, Aulnoye Aymeries
12 Aug - Oya Festival, Oslo
14 Aug - Way Out West Festival, Goteborg
16 Aug - Summer Sundae Festival, Leicester
17 Aug - The Marquee, Norwich
19 Aug - Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
20 Aug - Stereo, Glasgow
21 Aug - A Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds (FREE SHOW!)
22 Aug - Start the Bus, Bristol
23 Aug - The Engine Room, Brighton
24 Aug - The Garage, London

Listen to Monotonix on

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Great concept for new DEERHOOF video

The new Deerhoof video for 'My Purple Past' is directed by Asha Schechter and is not your average band in a room miming bollocks. As you'd expect from Deerhoof they trade in the obvious routine video making for artistic and conceptual ideas, which come across as new and up to date without being contrived. Plus as its Deerhoof there's an underlying sense of mischief and fun to be had. I love them!

Watch the video for 'My Purple Past' HERE

Friday, 10 July 2009

WILD BEASTS new single out monday!

It's been a while since their last single Devils Crayon but Wild Beasts haven't been lounging in Trinidad drinking Malibua out a bottle, they're been making what some are saying, one of the best albums of 2009, I for one am not one to disagree with these people. The first single to be lifted off the album is Hooting and Howling, which is out Monday 20th July and the album, Two Dancers, is due for release on Domino in the UK on Monday 3rd August. It's a step in the right direction for them and will definitely see them converting the philistines who couldn't 'get' their last album. But don't get confused, this isn't about making an album which will sell better or trying harder to get their songs heard on the Radio, this album is way darker and much more thought provoking that Limbo, Panto, it's on a different level all together. I'm not saying its better or worse, I'm just saying its completely different. The drums for example are like something from an early 80's New York post punk band, all tight with bongo's and wood blocks, some stuff is even crying out to be sampled by Hip Hop producers. Fab 5 Freddy would be guesting all over this if it came out 25 years ago. Then there's the production, which comes courtesy of Richard Formby and also the band. The production is super tight but not over produced and Richard lends a really warm cozy feal to it, kind of like a nice drug that smothers you and holds you right till the last notes finish. Wooah, I'm getting a bit carried away, sorry about that.

Quick recap.

Single 'Hooting and Howling' out Monday 20th August. Available on 10" and Digital Download

Album Two Dancers out Monday 3rd August. Available on LP, CD and Digital Download

Key Dates:

12 Jul 2009 - Oxegen Festival (Pet Sounds Arena), Dublin
18 Jul 2009 - Trees Festival, Nr Cheltenham
19 Jul 2009 - Latitude (Main Stage), Suffolk
25 Jul 2009 - Truck Festival, Steventon
26 Jul 2009 - Camp Bestival, Dorset
31 Jul 2009 - Stockton Riverside Festival
01 Aug 2009 - Field Day, Victoria Park, London
06 Aug 2009 - Hoxton Hall,London SOLD OUT
08 Aug 2009 - Moor Festival, Ilkley
30 Sep 2009 - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
01 Oct 2009 - Cockpit, Leeds
02 Oct 2009 - Bodega, Nottingham
03 Oct 2009 - Thekla, Bristol
04 Oct 2009 - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
05 Oct 2009 - Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton
07 Oct 2009 - Academy 2, Oxford
08 Oct 2009 - Garage, London
09 Oct 2009 - Academy 3, Manchester

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The new DIRTY PROJECTORS video is sweet

It's taken me quite some time to get into the new Dirty Projectors album 'Bitte Orca' but whilst I was emptying the rubbish in the kitchen and unblocking the sink, the album finally hit me. The song that did it was 'Stillness is the move', it sort of reminded me of Waterfalls by TLC or an R Kelly track. I think it was a combination the sunshine and opening a small cupboard (which immediately made me think of R Kelly) that got me excited for this album. Anyway, here's the new video which was directed by Matthew Lessner who also made the indie flick Darling Darling starring Michael Cera from Arrested Development and Juno.

Click here to watch the video in HD.

In case you're interested here's an interview with 'chatty' director Matthew Lessner which may or may not make you warm to him. Click here

Monday, 6 July 2009


"I saw a man hit my mom one time, really, I hurt him so damn bad I had to hide in Jersey"

It's been well over a year since The Felice Brothers were in the UK, they played a handful of modest 200 capacty shows and packed up their van and went back to the states. Then,
Yonder is the Clock arrived, their latest opus and unlike most modern bands they upped released it quietly and let word of mouth work its magic. It's a breath of fresh air to see a band work hard without massive financial support from labels and still sell out shows. This next tour is almost sold out, the capacities range from 280 to 1000 so there's some real variety. Get a ticket now and see one of these shows as you won't be disappointed.

12 Oct - Lido,Berlin, Germany
13 Oct - Ubel und Gefahrlich, Hamburg, Germany
14 Oct - Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany
15 Oct - Atomic, Munich, Germany
17 Oct - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, England
18 Oct - Whelans, Dublin, Ireland
19 Oct - The Glee Club, Birmingham, England
20 Oct - Academy 3, Manchester, England
22 Oct - Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England
24 Oct - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
26 Oct - Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands
27 Oct - Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany

Listen at

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

MUDHONEY announce European Tour!!

Mudhoney were Sub Pop's first real successful band, so you can personally thank them for Soundgarden, Tad and Screeming Trees. Still making loud aggressive music after 20 odd years, Mudhoney are a band who have never conformed in order to sell records, they simply love rocking out and it shows. The original line up will be playing only 3 UK shows and only 2 of them in England, one being London obviously and the other we are proud to announce will be in Leeds, oh and its yours truly putting the show on so I'll probably have some great photos to post after the gig.

The always fantastic Drew Millward will be producing a limited run of screen prints for the show too, so get their early and grab one.

Fri Oct 9 Edinburgh, UK at Studio 25
Sat Oct 10 Leeds, UK at TJ Woodhouse-
Sun Oct 11 London at Koko Theater-
Mon Oct 12 Paris, France at Trebendo
Tue Oct 13 Gent, Belgium at Minnemeers
Wed Oct 14 Amsterda, Germany at Festsaal Kreuzberg
Fri Oct 16 Warsaw, Poland at Proxima
Sat Oct 17 Praha, Czech Republik at Akropolis
Sun Oct 18 Vienna, Austria at Arena
Mon Oct 19 Ljublana, Slovenia at Kino Siska
Tue Oct 20 Zagreb, Croatia at Pauk
Wed Oct 21 Treviso, Italy at New Age Club
Thu Oct 22 Roma Italy at Alpheus Club
Fri Oct 23 Bologna Italy at Estrogen
Sat Oct 24 Winterhur (Zurich), CH at Gaswerk

For Leeds tickets click HERE!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mika Miko

A few weeks ago, I slung my rollerskates over my shoulder (this is a lie, they’re fucking heavy. I just carried them in my hands, like a dork) and hitched a ride to Sheffield (also a lie, my lift was carefully planned, as was the return ride home, sensible dork that I am) to see Mika Miko in Sheffield, with a bunch of others bands (notably Manhattan Love Suicides, the only other band on the bill I can remember) playing in a roller rink. Yes. A roller rink. Now, dancing to Mika Miko on skates is not any easy proposition but we braved it in the name of rock and ROLL.

Rollerpalooza was awesome, great crowd, good natured and on average, surprisingly adept at skating…

We left sweaty and drunk, eager to see Mika Miko again in Leeds (where I would be interviewing them), drawing up mental petitions to make skating compulsory at gigs. Mika Miko would be my new best friends. We would skate everywhere together, we would hang out and drink wine and at some point they’d probably ask me to join their band…

Of course, the reality is that when I actually met Mika Miko, we just chatted, somewhat awkwardly, whilst they chowed down on a post-soundcheck junk food feast, occasionally looking up at me as if I was speaking Greek (I could well have been) and then ending in a disarmingly impassioned interview crescendo when I asked them what they’re scared of. Note to self: Use the ‘what scares you’ question as an icebreaker next time. Dork.

Their set was, unsurprisingly, kick-ass. Unlike the crowd, who clearly needed to be herded into a roller rink. Or a hipster abbatoir. One of the two.

So, here’s the interview, or at least here are the bits that I could actually transcribe, given that my dictaphone favoured the rustling of takeaway wrappings over the sound of people talking.

Disclaimer: there’s a very strong chance that some of these quotes are attributed to the wrong member of Mika Miko, which is something they – quite rightly – told me they hate. I’ll await the weight of their wrath…

So, aside from two of you being sisters, what was it that attracted you all to each other and made you want to be in a band together?
Jenna: “Me and Jennifer met at high school together because we had the same birthday… we became really good friends and started playing music together. And Michelle we also met in high school, just from being the punk people at the high school I guess.”
M: “I met Seth in a parking lot of a show. He was skateboarding and I was trying to skateboard. About a year later, we started playing music together. We were playing music with other people for, what, like a month or something? And later on, we decided that Seth would be a great addition to our band. I think with Seth, it was the only time that it was, like, because of the music and not just from being friends.”

What is it about the friendships that makes the band work?
M: “I think that we’ve learned how to live with each other on tour. Like, everyone has their own little thing. You just have to learn to communicate and voice your opinion.”

I’m not gonna hang the interview on the whole boy/girl thing... but… I have a theory that men & women have a different innate sense of rhythm – having had boy and girl drummers, do you reckon there’s anything in that theory?

At this point, they all look at me like maybe their wondering if this is the first time I’ve ever left the house …

Jennifer: “When Seth drums, he doesn’t sound at all like when Kate drums.”

Some non-committal muttering ensues…

Do the drums lead the rhythm of the songs when you write them, or do the drums get added in when the song’s complete?

Seth: “I think with some of the older songs, that were already written, I guess the drums came in later. But the songs that we all wrote, that we all wrote together, all the instruments kinda go together, it’s not like one thing drives it…”
M: “Also, on our records, we have all the instruments at the same volume level, like showing the importance of it, or something. People say to us ‘oh, it’s weird that all your instruments are at the same level’ but we’re like ‘well, why would you turn someone down’?”

The Rollerpalooza gig the other day was pretty special – do you enjoy playing gigs that are a bit different?
Jenna : “I mean, I wouldn’t wanna play a roller skate rink every night, but … yeah, we’ve played a bowling alley. When we played at The Smell, we used to play in the middle of the room.”

Everyone chipping in: “We played in a ditch at The Smell, when they were building a back room (?). We like to play in a weird place, even if it’s a regular venue, if they’ll let us. We haven’t played that many weird places. We played a Masonic Centre, we played at a church, we played at a high school, we played at a homecoming party, or was it graduation? We played on a boat. I’m trying to think… there’s more… like, playing in a squat that’s getting torn down afterwards – hat’s kinda weird. Like directly afterwards – everybody ripped shit off the walls ‘cos everyone was getting kicked out.

At this point, I enthusiastically mention the Burn To ShineDVD series. My enthusiasm is rewarded with deathly silence. Possibly because they were disinterested. Possibly because I mentioned a band that isn’t actually on the DVD… Unlike me, Mika Miko are eating. They have a purpose. I move on...
Has the atmosphere at The Smell changed since it started getting a load of media attention?

M: “Totally, completely, 100% per cent.”
S: “We were just talking about that.”
Jenna: “I think The Smell changes depending on who’s doing stuff at it and who’s going there. I know it was different before we started going there and it was different with our levels of participation. When different people go, the tone changes with what they’re bringing to it. That’s what’s cool about it.”

You guys all volunteer there as well?
Jenna: “We don’t really get to as much any more because we’re always at work, or on tour… I think it’s taken a little more seriously, actually, as a venue. Maybe there isn’t much weird stuff going on because, I mean town has changed a lot. There’s some really nice lofts around, it’s changing the tone of the area, too. I don’t know how long that’s going to last.

What kind of bands from LA do you feel an affinity with?
M: “From LA?”

Um. Yeah. Or anywhere else, I guess…
Conspiratorially, they all look up from their fodder at each other like I asked them something REAL BAD.

M: “I don’t wanna say in case I miss anyone out.”
Jennifer: “Probably any band that we played any more than three shows with.”

Somewhat generously, I leave a few moments silence, in case any of the other band members wish to contribute to this particular bottom-of-the-journo-barrel question…

OK! I’ll move on, for fear of offending a bunch of bands….

I shan’t transcribe the next part, where I ramble blindly about the sense of ‘inclusiveness’ that they ‘give off’ (they have probably left the interview thinking that ‘inclusiveness’=’bad stench’) when they play. I’m trying to pay them a compliment without sounding like a fangirl. It’s a victory for continuity if nothing else, because I just wind up sounding like a dork.

Jenna: “I think that probably whatever we give off is not on purpose, but it’s appreciated, for sure.”
Jennifer; “I know that feeling that you’re talking about and I didn’t know people felt that about us, but that makes sense. We feel that about other bands so that’s really cool.”
M: “But we don’t deliberately try to do that because we just do our own thing, you know.”

Do you try to connect with the audience, or do you just see it as getting on stage and doing your own thing?
Jennifer: “We definitely try to connect with the audience.”
Jenna: “Like, if I can’t see them, which happens a lot, you have to play differently, you have to look at each other and be more with each other. I mean, I like to know that everyone likes it.”

Do you speak to your fans after shows?
M: “I love to talk to people that live in places like Leeds and ask them what their city’s all about because I’m curious. You know it’s different here – totally different to LA and I’m fascinated by what people do in their lives every day.”

We have a brief discussion about Leeds and its universities… the effects of studentification on the local gig scene, etc etc. I floor them with my insight and charm, naturally.

So do you guys all have jobs back home?
Jess: “We all have weird jobs so we can do this.”

What do you all do?
Jennifer: “I sell on EBay.”
M: “I’m a barista at a coffee shop.”
Jess: “I work at a record store.”

These aren’t weird jobs… I used to work in a fucking butcher’s shop. That was weird.
Jenna: “I work in a movie theatre.”

That’s not weird. What kinda stuff do you sell on Ebay?
Jennifer: “I sell stuff that I get for free, and stuff from thrift stores.”

To Seth: And what do you do?
S: “I don’t have a job. I sorta sell stuff I get for free.”

Is the band a form of escapism for you?
Jenna: “I did the band when I didn’t have jobs so I think more of the band as, like, my bigger job. It’s getting money to do the band.”
M: “It’s like the child we’re all supporting. You get a job to support the child.”

There is mass agreement that this is a very good analogy and all members of the band agree not to drop the baby.
“we’re all raising the baby!”

How do you feel about the way that you’re represented in the press?
M: “I’m ok with it, except when we’re called ‘all-girl band’ or like, they make little mistakes about our band that should be known. Like saying that we’re teenagers, but we formed in 2003, like yeah, we were soooo young. Or when they say that someone said something that wasn’t said, or say the wrong person said it.”


“As long as the kids that come to our shows are, like, genuinely interested.”

Are the kids that come to your shows here different to in LA?
M: “Hmmmm, I dunno, it’s almost like their little alter egos.”

What else inspires you, other than music?
M: “Definitely our pets. I have a kitten that I got just before we left and I have another cat that’s not really my cat but it’s a house cat.
Jenna: “I have one dog but then I have two dogs that I … that I visit.”

The band indulge in mutual pet appreciation at this point. To summarise: they all like each others’ pets.

M: “I like to read but I can’t read when we’re driving so I try to read in between soundchecks. Other people inspire me as well, I think, like my friends.”
Jennifer: “I like watching weird videos on YouTube.”

This is also met with mass approval.

I need to ask what’s special about turkey sandwiches.
Jenna: “There’s nothing special about it, it’s just a name.”
M “It’s the standard sandwich, you know?’
S: “It’s always pretty good.”
Jennifer: “We were gonna have a turkey sandwich contest for a video we’re gonna do. Everyone has to make their own turkey sandwich. It can be vegan, or vegetarian, or not.

A vegetarian turkey sandwich?
I am briefly reminded of the time, when I worked in a soul-extraction factory, disguised as a catering outlet, an affluent student looked at me with her big, expensive eyes and asked me if the ‘honey-soy chicken’ was vegetarian… but that’s another story…

M: “We have this shit called ‘Tofurkey’.”

(I checked. It exists. My life as a vegetarian has been somewhat sheltered, clearly)…

Ok, so the last question I need to ask is – What scares you and why?
M: “Sharks scare me. A lot.”
Jess: “Spiders. Their legs, you know?”
M: “Was it the movie Arachnophobia?”
Jess: “No, it was at work, I opened up a CD case and all these insects came out of them and then even more came out and they were all over the table…”
Jennifer: “I get scared when I’m sleeping at night and there’s like, a mirror and a window and it’s creating a reflection that makes a porthole for ghosts to travel through.”
Jenna: “She’s afraid of ghosts or, like strangers being at her house when she’s away. And you come back and you check…”
Jennifer: “Under my bed and in my closet. But then, sometimes I’m afraid of ghosts and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes they seem really cool, like OK, if I see a ghost, I will speak to it and stuff.”

Have you ever seen a ghost then?

Jennifer: “No, but I’ve heard people’s ghost stories.”

I’ve seen a ghost.
Jennifer: “Cool, you can tell me about it later.”

It wasn’t scary, I didn’t really realise it was a ghost until I remembered that none of my step family (whose house I was in) wore big bad-ass black Victorian dresses and shit.

In unison: “Cooool!”
M: “Did you talk to it?”

No, I thought it was one of my step-family and I generally tried not to talk to them.
Jenna: “Well, I’m afraid of getting yelled at, or being in trouble with someone. Especially someone I do not know. I’m messed up to the point that I always read the rules…”

So, you’re, like, the obedient one?
Jenna: “I don’t have a problem with doing anything wrong, I just don’t wanna get yelled at by anyone with a uniform on.”
Jennifer: “But, like, last night, you were the troublemaker!”
Jenna: “When I spit on that guy? Well, I was like, what does he have over me? He doesn’t have anything.”

Why did you spit on him?
Jenna: “Because he opened up a bottle and it went all over Jessie and she was like ‘ohhh’ and I was like, ‘don’t worry about it’ and I got him back.”
M: “And then he was going to fight her.”
Jenna: “Yeah but people pulled him back and I had to turn away like I didn’t see it. But with that guy, no one was watching, if there’d been, like a cop, or the owner or manager of the place…”

What about you Seth?
S: “Um, I’m scared of snakes.”

Do you get a lot of snakes in LA?
S: “There’s a lot of rattlesnakes.”
M: “Sharks have dead eyes. They’re dead inside.”
S: “Sharks are pretty scary too.”
M: “They’re totally, like, into our fucking climate. Warm water. There’s thing called a shark tunnel and you go down and there’s water and sharks. All round you. And I’m scared there’s going to be a little crack in the glass and al of a sudden all this water’s going to flow in and like, all these sharks are going to eat me. It’s okay, guys, it’s an irrational fear. I know this.”

I impart my little theory that if you can’t see your feet in the water, you don’t go in, thus limiting the potential for being attacked by an unseen shark. It’s hardly rocket science but it seems to reassure them.

Jess: “I just recently started developing a fear of heights.”

Fear of heights isn’t really a fear of heights, it’s a fear of throwing yourself off, to see what it feels like. Boy, I’m full of insights tonight…
Jennifer: “I’m scared of someone robbing my house…”
Jenna: “They don’t normally wanna kill anybody but maybe now! Once I parked my car downtown and they broke into it. I had so much crap in my car, the only thing I had was a coat, like, a Planet of the Apes coat. I always looked out for someone wearing that jacket but I never saw it.

So you don’t have any scary crazy stalker fans then?
M: “I was stalked by this guy in high school. He was like a Mexican gardener. He showed up to a party – do you guys remember that? He’d try to meet me from school. Everyone would come round my house and laugh out my window.”
Jenna: “Jennifer had a guy go round her house when we were away and slept in her bed.”
M: “ Seth had a stalker girl, that stalked him on MySpace and came to our shows, right?”
S: “Yeah, she wasn’t a serious stalker.”
M: “ Mild stalking.”

Not wanting to upgrade my own status to ‘mild stalker’, I thanked the band at this point, bade them farewell and headed outside to see if I can find my decent interview questions at the bottom of a pint of warm beer, limply promising to tell Jennifer some more ghost stories one day.

Hayley Avron

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


"I'm still writing rhymes, but besides that I'm chilling" - Nas

A new venue opened last Saturday in Leeds called A Nation of Shopkeepersit's fantastic, it's a welcome, warm and undeniably friendly venue. Below are some photo's by James Mitchell from the opening night, who drunk what and who was there. Deep breath.

Special thanks to: Lovefoxxx, Dan, Crispin, Alex & Shane, Bruce, Sam and all the staff, Yasmin, Lewis, Broady, Lee, Paul Robinson, Calum, Sally, Tom Woodhead, Conner, Old Romantics, Sketches, Dinosaur Pile Up, Casper and Ben, Dan McEvoy, Fezz, Mark, Blacklodge, James and Paul C, Marcus and everyone who helped make it happen. Not forgetting the beautiful Anna of course, great bunting skills. x

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