Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Its the shrooms maaaann......introducing ASTRA

San Diego 5 piece Astra (who I'm pretty sure aren't named after the car) make splendid droney trippy psyche tunes that nod back to the days of Gong, Pink Floyd and most recently Dungen and Earth. Their album 'The Weirding' is released on flared stoner label Rise Above who also release Leeds bearded degenerates Gentlemen's Pistols and one of my favourites Withcraft. The album is out now, so go zone out man!

Their video for 'The Rising of the Black Sun' is an animated short directed by an obsessive fan features Eagles, masked winged men on horseback, mountains being struck by lightning, psychedelic 1920's fighter jets bombing demons and also, how could I forget....the four horsemen of the apocolypse. ESSENTIAL VIEWING!!

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