Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The new DIRTY PROJECTORS video is sweet

It's taken me quite some time to get into the new Dirty Projectors album 'Bitte Orca' but whilst I was emptying the rubbish in the kitchen and unblocking the sink, the album finally hit me. The song that did it was 'Stillness is the move', it sort of reminded me of Waterfalls by TLC or an R Kelly track. I think it was a combination the sunshine and opening a small cupboard (which immediately made me think of R Kelly) that got me excited for this album. Anyway, here's the new video which was directed by Matthew Lessner who also made the indie flick Darling Darling starring Michael Cera from Arrested Development and Juno.

Click here to watch the video in HD.

In case you're interested here's an interview with 'chatty' director Matthew Lessner which may or may not make you warm to him. Click here

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