Thursday, 17 July 2008

Awesome Video Update

It would appear that Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' project continues to push the boundaries of creative territory with the new video for "House Of Cards", directed by James Frost for Zoo Films.

Basically, it was shot using a 3D infrared scanner instead of a traditional set-up; essentially a version of the hardware that assembly-line robots use to 'see' stuff. It's much better explained here:

It's awesome. Brilliant, in fact. However, before we get too carried away and give Thom and the boys yet another monster slap on the back, we should consider that it is, in fact, a sort of ABD.*

The idea was used a few years ago by the hugely inspiring and terrifyingly intelligent art collective UVA(UnitedVisualArtists) for French fashion types Colder's single "To The Music":

UVA are fucking amazing, using technology in awe-inspiring yet always subtle ways in their art; you should totally check them out. They also did the video for "Tonto" by top "math-rock" (whatever the fuck that means) nerds Battles, and a load of other really cool stuff.

*ABD - 'Already Been Done'

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