Thursday, 3 July 2008

Junk Collector: Tommy Guerrero

The more astute among you will be able to tell that the above image comes from the cover of the seminal The Search For Animal Chin, a skate video that we here at The Iron Wagon have a particularly soft spot for.

Anyway, second from left is one Mr. Tommy Guerrero, SF legend and personal hero of mine. Tommy has been making a sort of funk-jazz-post rock hybrid since the mid-nineties, featuring initially on various Real videos and later releases on arty San Franciscan label Galaxia, as well as releases in this country on the departed Mo' Wax and a Late Night Tales compilation. A side project of his, Jet Black Crayon featuring Monte Vallier of Swell (who spent some time signed to Beggars Banquet) and a DJ going by the name of Gadget, have just released a new album, "In The Interim" with an accompanying DVD with videos for each of the tracks. Several videos have been made by eminent skate filmmakers, including Greg Hunt (who made, amongst others, The DC Video) and Dan Wolfe, whose most recent project appears to have been Nike SB's Nothing But The Truth.

Here's the video for "Lost In The Fog" by Mr Wolfe:

and an interview with the band.

God... I wish I was in San Francisco.

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