Monday, 9 February 2009

The Soft Pack debut single out today

"Well I've got news for you" - The Muslims, 2007

The San Diego four piece 'The Soft Pack' formally know as The Muslims (Myspace deleted so don't bother searching) are releasing their much anticipated debut single today entitled 'Nightlife'. The label releasing it is Kemado who are responsible for launching the careers of Dungen, O'Death, The Sword and the awesome and heavily bearded stoner band Vietnam. If you haven't heard The Soft Pack, its okay don't worry they're still relatively new, your safe now. They kind of sound a little like The Strokes first album, mixed with the more commercial stuff from Black Lips and a dash of 13th Floor Elevators. Their tracks are instantaneously catchy and have great melodies, thus I believe they will be pretty massive this year.

Check their video for Extinction, recorded whilst they were known as 'The Muslims'. Press HERE for visual and aural stimulation.

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Felix said...

One of my favourite bands about. Great choice of single, too. Next one has to be 'Extinction' or 'Bright Side', surely. Bring them to Leeds!