Wednesday, 4 February 2009

"For The Best In Men's Clothing..."

It would appear that the Beastie Boys have had the genius idea to re-issue their seminal 1989 album 'Paul's Boutique' in a 20th Anniversary edition which you should all go out and buy, even if you already own it.

Described as "the first and most probably only hip hop record ever to be likened to Abbey Road, Dark Side Of The Moon and Pet Sounds" over at The Berrics, this is STILL the best Beasties album for its incredible use of samples alone (check the nerd-list of them all here), years before DJ Shadow got everybody hot under the collar about crate-digging, and receiving cult status as a result. For major B-Boy nerds, you can download an audio commentary off their website and you can listen to them rambling inanely about recording the album and living in LA in the late eighties.

To celebrate this, let's have a look at the video for 'Shadrach', probably (well, at least in my opinion) one of the best videos ever expressing the chaos of the live music experience...

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