Friday, 27 February 2009

The Green Hornet Rides Again

Hot news from Hollywood: 'The Green Hornet', the radio/film serial and 60s TV show that introduced the world to the kick-ass moves of Bruce Lee is set for a big-budget remake starring none other than rising slacker Seth Rogen.

Normally, this sort of announcement wouldn't bother me, despite my love of real-deal comic books; however, this is notable because - according to this story from MTV - the director is going to be none other than French mentalist and visual genius Michel Gondry. That means it's going to be fucking awesome.

This confidence may seem ill-advised, given Hollywood's ability to completely fuck up decent source material ('Constantine' being just one example, and every appendage is crossed in the hope that 'Watchmen' delivers this weekend), but Monsieur Gondry has demonstrated his ability and flair in both the short and feature format so I reckon it's in pretty good hands.

To prove his breadth, let's have a look at this little short, commissioned for the reopening of the Forum des Images in Paris:

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