Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Years Eve at Bad Sneakers ten times the fun!!

"Super Hang On" - Pulled Apart By Horses, 2008

If you managed to get in to New Years Balls at The Faversham on Wednesday then I don't need to describe the carnage and mayhem that was dished out in huge quantities. Special thanks to Wintermute, Dinosaur Pile Up, These Monsters, Pulled Apart By Horses, Jonny Strangeways, Youth Attack, Bearded Slave and everyone who chipped in to help the radness.

Below, These Monsters taking you down to Chinatown

"Thow ya gunz in the air" the Faversham crowd enjoying a silent euphoric moment.

The new answer to Star Wars, Dinosaur Pile Up...

For more NYE Bad Sneakers pics check out nice guy Bart Pettman's Flickr page. Bart also photographed Son of Nasty Fest in November 2008.

Finally if you enjoy wearing plaid flannel shirts, having no laces in your DM's and occasionally rocking some eyeliner here's Sonic Youth covering Nirvana for your download consumption.

Sonic Youth - Moist Vagina (Nirvana Cover) MP3

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