Sunday, 2 November 2008

Simply Everyone's Taking Cocaine

LDN scenester and professional mockney Lily Allen is back, apparently. The video for new tune "Everyone's At It", featuring a load of coke-related celebrity shenanigans, was leaked onto YouTube a day or two before she added it to her oh-so-popular MySpace page. We did post it, but unsurprisingly record company bigwigs must have freaked hard and had it pulled from YouTube pretty swiftly. Instead, why not listen to the whole tune accompanied by a lovely picture of Miss Allen:

The same point was articulated in verse over a decade ago by posh performance poet Murray Lachlan Young with "Simply Everyone's Taking Cocaine" on his 1997 album 'Vice & Verse'. There are white labels out there with loads of drug-themed remixes, but the album version is pretty damn good if you ask me. However, here is a video of Mr Lachlan Young performing the composition a capella...

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