Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Something of a curiosity here; recently my eye was caught by this new release from former Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer, inexplicably* called "Leeds United". A few minutes Googling away reveals that this is the lead single from her debut solo album, 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer?', produced by uber-nerd and Elton wannabe Ben Folds, which would explain the stomping piano riff on the record. Anyway, it would appear that both Amanda and the song have fuck all to do with the fair city of Leeds, so what prompted this tribute to its football team? As far as I am aware, polysexual Brechtian punk-cabaret isn't that big on the terraces of Elland Road...

I have no idea, but like with so many other things, I am holding Kaiser Chiefs responsible.

*reports in from our spies reveal that this song is (allegedly) about Ricky...

Here's the video:

And an MP3 of the song can be found here, courtesy of those good folks at Nevver.

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