Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Matthew Houck's latest offering is entitled 'To Willie' and its fantastic. He is better known to the music world (or at least some of it) as Phosphorescent, a charming and bewildering musician who delights on singing songs dealing with loneliness, depression, alcohol abuse and ex-girlfriends. Not the best album to release after Christmas and during these hard times, but I've fond solace and hope in this album. If you're a new comer to Phosphorescent I would recommend his previous release PRIDE as it comes with many different styles, one of which is experimentation, whereas this album concentrates more on honesty and lack of honesty to those the songwriter loves. Mr Houck has something to hide outside of his Phosphescent shell and here its clear that he knows he needs to come to terms with a few things. A few people will compare his new album to Kris Kristofferson's 70's stuff or any of the Outlaw Country stuff and you would be right to, as this album is actually all songs written by the fantastic Willie Nelson, but its still a Phosphorescent album to me. If these songs didn't mean a hell of a lot to Matthew he wouldn't have covered them and taken the trouble to do them justice so you can accept this album as a covers album or a Phosphorescent album, either way you'll be fully stoked on it.

Phosphorescent - A Picture of our torn up praise MP3 (Courtesy of Dead Oceans)

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