Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Lost Art...

Oh yes indeed... it's blog time once again.

Regular readers of the rubbish that we knock out will probably be aware of our nerdish interest in the worlds of art & design, and in particular the now-sadly-dying art of album cover design. We could wax lyrical about how the 12" sleeve, particularly the gatefold version, gave designers and artists a large canvas to construct beautiful and imaginative artwork blah blah blah, but we figure it's been said rather a lot as it is.

Instead we would like to draw your attention to Sleevage, an album-sleeve blog basically devoted to showcasing the best designs daily. It's all searchable, but it is in beta at the mo so there's not a right lot on there at the minute... but this should change.

Before you lament the absence of, say, The Toy Dolls' "Nellie The Elephant", don't despair; they are looking for people to contribute to the blog with suggestions of their own, so why not get involved? Then you won't be able to leave smartarse comments to the effect that the seminal work for the Poppies by The Designer's Republic has been overlooked...

Oh - while we're on the subject, Sleeveface is always good for a laugh.

But then you probably knew that already.

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