Monday, 22 December 2008

Criminally overlooked bands of 2008

The Donkeys

The only reason I heard about these good ol' boys was when Dead Oceans sent out their new album list and this was on it, I'm not sure when they don't get much press but this is a simple and unpretentious band who make Wilco look like X Factor contestants.

The Donkeys Myspace

The Avett Brothers

Its actually a national embarrassment that here in the United Kingdom, the unfortunate Kings of Leon are sighted as wholesome farm boys turned good, in some hideous Gone with the Wind oh aren't Americans who vote Republican and chew straw cute kind of way. When in actual fact they are shallow mirror loving sex pests who can't write more than one tune per album. There's a million great bands out there if you fancy a bit of banjo played by some buff beard boy who strangled his father for striking his mother for scolding him with coffee, like these lads.

The Avett Brothers Myspace

The Great White Jenkins

The most original country jazz soul tinged Americana which is yet to be realized by any record label and is thus one of the major tragedies of 2008 alongside the market collapse of November and subsequent economic recession. If you can handle an hour or two of Akron/Family or Megafaun then this is so up your street its your neighbour, so check it out and buy their album for $10 from their Myspace.

The Great White Jenkins Myspace

Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Some of you may have been fortunate enough to see new Leaf signing Wildbirds & Peacedrums with Caribou earlier this year, others may be looking forward to see them support the highly overrated and somewhat annoying Lykke Li on her forthcoming tour. Either way I imagine and will bet my Christmas dinner than these guys are playing some serious festivals this year. By serious festivals I don't mean a lot of festivals I actually mean those festivals that are all serious n shit like Greenman, ATP etc.....arf.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums Myspace

The Avett Brothers - Murder in the City

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