Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WILD YAKS.....the sound of maculinity!

I've had four Wild Yaks tracks on constant rotation now for about six weeks, they have a sound which reminds me of a countrified Clutch or a semi graceful Scissorfight, add that to a guy with a saxophone and some male chorus group and you have WILD YAKS. They look a bit dirty but have an air of intelligence and aloofness. Thanks to a kind Iron Wagon reader I have now been told that Wild Yaks do have a release and you can buy it HERE!!!. I love them so much it does my head in, I doubt they'll ever come to England and I missed them at SXSW last year, fucksake, so the world turns....

Here is a link to three Free MP3s which arrive courtesy of my third favourite magazine The Fader.

Kids! Learn more about Wild Yaks by watching this amusing and entertaining short film, its about 5 minutes long and features an ex-girlfriend. Watch it HERE

Wild Yaks Myspace

Wild Yaks: "River May Come" from cutandpaste on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

they do in fact have an official release:

calum said...

The albums on spotify. live tracks sound damn beefy