Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Holy Mixtape, Batman!

Continuing our occasional series of posts relating to the internet mixtape phenomenon, and following on from "The Dark Knight" smashing the shit out of box office records this summer, here's one for all the comic geeks out there: Batman: The Animated Album courtesy of mashup wizard Blame The Kid.

Featuring dialogue and music samples from the rather good Batman:The Animated Series, this whole thing reminds of me of my teenage love of the Nelson Riddle Orchestra's soundtrack to the 1966 TV series, and even Prince's misfire of a soundtrack to the Tim Burton movie.

Anyway, go and download the mixtape. It's free, and you can always delete it if you don't like it.

I shall leave you with a demonstration of how to correctly perform the Batusi:

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Abdullah said...

thanks for the press. feel free to hit me up whenever, I've got a couple of new projects in the works.