Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Blatant Self Promotion

So... we made a video.

Typically, it didn't go entirely to plan, but we all had a good time making it.

We (The Iron Wagon media conglomerate and Dave Lynch of Nicely Sliced) managed to rope in Doug McLaughlan from Gentlemen's Pistols & A Third Foot and local rotter Avid for the stunts, and even the mighty Snoz rocked up for a bit of a session...

The video is for "Lovers Pass", the first single from The Old Romantic Killer Band's debut album 'The Swan With Two Necks' due out later this year on Bad Sneakers.

The tune is available by download only from iTunes from November 10, but if you check out the band's MySpace or the Bad Sneakers site you may be able to get hold of it for free...

For those of you sick of the fuzziness of YouTube, a Quicktime movie of the vid can be viewed here.

1 comment:

coxy said...

The Old Romantics are ace. I like the video - it wasn't what I was excpecting, but its done well.

Also, if you haven't already, hit up Vimeo for your hi-def online video needs.