Saturday, 28 June 2008

Lack of morals? F**K YOU B*TCH say Ninjasonik


Every year moral boundaries and acceptable profanities get pushed to their limits. Retard is now a completely normal word to use when rapping to your friend and up and coming MCs actually look up to the late O.D.B as a high brow entertainer who could easily have appeared alongside the likes of Ted Hughes had he been born 50 years earlier. So it may come as no suprise to anyone when Ninjasonik (who have recently remixed The Death Set) record a strangely amusing little ditty named 'Internet Bitch' which lyrics hypnotically repeat over and over 'I'm on the innernet bitch, I'm fucking famous, just google my name, I'm on the innernet bitch', f*cking genius.

Ninjasonik Myspace

Listen to Ninjasonik here!

Ninjasonik - Tight Pants

The Death Set - Negative Thinking (featuring cameos from Ninjasonik)

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