Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Introducing: GRINGO STAR

Hailing from Atlanta, Gringo Star are traveling the path recently paved by fellow city dwellers Black Lips, this is cool because they have just announced a bunch of dates with Black Lips in the UK later this year, more news on that this Friday. With other bands such as The Soft Pack (aka The Muslims) starting to get a bit of buzz over here its only a matter of time before Gringo Star get some encouraging press. They deserve it, their songs are great fun, they have some great piano on their sixties inspired tracks and have more hooks than The Brian Jonestown Massacre when they were good. Pitchfork gave a great little review to their last single 'All Y'all' which features The Kinks style melodies and some of The Young Rascals style hand claps, role on 1966!!

Download the single 'All Y'all' Courtesy of Pitchfork right HERE

Gringo Star "All Y'all" from analogmonkey.tv on Vimeo.

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