Monday, 12 January 2009

New Grizzly Bear album......imminent.

"In the wind, in the yoke"

Okay, so that's not the earth shatteringly hot gossip you were wanting to read on a wet Monday morning whilst the wind outside is shaking squirrels out of the tress. However, its been a while since there was a full length Grizzly Bear album out there and I know their back catalogue off by heart now, so this is exciting news to a die hard fan.

Turns out that Nico Muhly will be on production duty for this, he's worked previously with Bjork and Bonnie 'Prince Billy so this should be pretty interesting. He's also composed arrangements for the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, who it turns out will also be working on the album, oh the excitement!!

Below is the fantastic video for 'Knife' taken from their last full length album 'Yellow House'.

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